About Us

The R. I. Reds Heritage Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation whose primary mission is to restore and preserve the fabled 51-year history of the Reds from 1926-27 through 1976-77. 

The organization is dedicated to accomplish this priceless goal by:

  • Acquiring and organizing a large and loyal membership to share, foster and promote the teams glorious history 
  • Collecting Reds memorabilia and artifacts that represent the teams rich heritage 
  • Honoring past Reds players, administrators and others once associated with the team 
  • Assisting the youth within our community in their involvement in the game of ice hockey 

The Society has an enrollment of more than 650 members a staggering number in as much as the team has been defunct almost 30 years. Membership costs only $25 per hockey season for which members receive three full-color newsletters and invitations to special events.